How to draw a glass with a straw and some juice By Youri (

First step is obvious, open up inskscape, I am using 0.42cvs

Now draw a rectangle this will be the main part of the glass

Select the rectangle (press 'S' and click it)
Press ctrl+shift+f to get into color properties
Set its fill to empty (click the x) and make the stroke outline thicker (i set it to 5) this way it is is easier to work with it

Now draw the oval on top of the rectangle
The trick to make it fit perfectly is to click on the rectangle
get it's width and X position and then just transfer those to the oval

The width and height and X+Y position is on the toolbar, hard to miss too

To get rid of that bar in the middle of the oval is bit tricky and it can probably be done easier by someone with skills but this is how I do it:
1.) Write down the X and Y position of the oval
2.) Ctrl+C the oval to copy it
3.) Hold shift, select the oval and the rectangle, and go to Path - Difference

I end up with this:

4.) Copy the oval back in and set its X and Y to where it used to be
And I end up with what I wanted

To make the glass look cylindrical do the same exact thing on the bottom and to get the same exact oval there, select the one on top, press ctrl+d to duplicate it and then hold down to get it all the way to the bottom

I'm already doing this all perverted so:
1.) remember the X and Y
2.) hold shift select the oval and the rectangle
3.) Path- Union
end up with this

4.) Stick in the X and Y coordinates

Time to work on the juice inside, ctrl+d to duplicate the oval and bring it up, I'm not too optimistic so my juice level will be low

The water has to be its own glass shape inside the glass, so make another rectangle inside my glass and set it to red stroke so it is easier to see, make it same width and put it on same X axis as my rectange

So now just more of copying the oval, union, paste oval

On the bottom just select the oval ctrl+d to duplicate it, then hold shift select it and the water rectangle and Union them. I get this

So now my glass and water are basically done, add some fill before going further
Press Ctrl+A to select all, and then make it a bluish color, even though glasses are see through

This will be apple juice, select everything thats juice and make it yellow, unless you're not making apple juice, also make it have transparency

Well the water on the top doesn't look right but that is easy to change, click on it click the color picker and select the regular juice and it inherits that color

Now to add a straw, sounds pretty easy but it is hard
First draw the straw

It also should have the hole on top, thats easy to do just draw a circle with dark fill
(To zoom in and make it easier to work just press + a few times)

On the bottom I put the circle in again and this time Union the straw and the circle

Now I'm going to group the hole on top and the straw, just select them all and press ctrl+G

Drag the straw into the glass

Then press ] once to rotate it

Now I need the straw to be different colors everywhere, because glass is going to give it a bit blueish tint, and water is going to make it really dark!
This calls for path division and its kind of tricky

1.) Select the straw and press End on it, to make it go behind all the other shapes

2.) Select the straw, click it with the little path tool and then click "Convert Selected Objects to Path" (Shift+Ctrl+C) on the toolbar

3.) Select the straw and the first oval and go to Path - Path Division

4.) Ungroup the straw parts Ctrl+U
5.) Copy the second oval
6.) Select second oval and straw part behind it (Can use tab to go through the shapes)

7.) Path - Division

8.) Put the oval back
9.) Get the straw into the front now, press home on all its parts
End up with this

Now select the first two parts and union them

Same with the other two parts

And so change the colors of the parts
Bottom part is dark, middle is tinted

Glasses have all kinds of glares and stuff, thats easy to add but not very easy if you dont know about art like me, i just do it randomly
First I select the big part and duplicate it

Then make it have no stroke color and make its fill a gradient

Maybe add some sparkling to the opening, I don't know really about the glares, but why not
I just make a crazy shape and make it transparent white

Give the straw top a little shading too

Maybe add a shadow, no real reason but just to see how, select the glass

Ctrl+D it and move it to the side, the union it all

Then make it gray and transparent

Press end to make it be the last shape on the canvas
and move it behind the glass

Then skew it around (drag the handles when you select it) until it looks good enough
I also made the glass be transparent a little bit so shadow is visible behind it

That is it, it doesnt look good but it looks okay and someone with skill could make a pretty cool glass, and add lemons and ice cubes and suchlike.